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Gladiator Team Knockout

glatiator fun team building challenge
Bouncy Bounce has recreated the classic 90's Gladiators Games Show. This team building event is called Gladiators Team Knockout. With fast, unique and exciting battle games, Glagiator Team Knockout is a knockout team building experience. This is an event for large numbers. Participants will be devided into two teams, one half are Contenders, the other half are Gladiators

We have some great new games designed just for the Gladiator Team Knockout Event, such games like:
Gladiator Team Knockout team building game


In this water game, one Gladiator and one Contender competes in a water zorb floating ball- they must try and force their opponent to the edge of the pool where they will score points. A weird kind of sumo wrestling!

Bungee Run Travelator

A Gladiator and Contender are strapped to bungee ropes on a Trampoline. They must pull against the tension to collect coloured balls, which must throw it into scoring bins.

Danger Zone

A mass Gauntlet of It’s a Knock-Out inflatables, Contenders must race over the obstacles, whilst Gladiators catapult paint balloons at them - both teams can gain points!

This is just a taster of the fun to be had with this unique Gladiator Themed Team Building Event.

Gladiator Team Knockout Entertainment Options

  • Gladiator Challenge
  • Bungee Run Travelator
  • Human Demolition
  • Danger Zone
  • Zorbalasphere
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Bounce’n’Box
  • Bash Pole
  • Giant Boulder Relay
  • Build a Team Shield

Gladiator Additional Equipment

  • Generators and Fuel
  • Toilets
  • Photographer / videographer
  • Marquee
  • Sound System
  • Tables and Chair

Event Catering

  • Hot and Cold Food Catering
  • Refreshments Tent
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