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It's A Knockout Team Building Event

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The fantastic It’s A Knock-Out team building event. Brand New 2014 custom-made games including the latest inflatables, Water Activity Games, themed challenges, costumes and props for a spectacular It’s A Knock-Out Event.

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With dedicated, professional presenters and crew who will ensure that every fun activity provides you with a memorable It’s A Knock-Out experience, whilst achieving valued team building skills for all involved

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We provide a state of the art sound system to provide themed musical backing to games creating a professional atmosphere to the show. More information about the games and the production can be found in the boxes below.

It's A Knockout Games Information

Water Blast Lunch Break

The opposing team are armed with giant water guns whilst the playing team are given a tray holding everything to set a table for lunch. Each team member must make there way through the shower of water with their trays, they must try to set the table. Points are awarded for each item laid on the table.

Paint Ballooning

teamshave to get to their bases under the cargo net and over obstacle without getting hit. Each hit scores points for the opposing team, each team.

Foam Pit Scrabble

This game can be played with two teams or against the clock. At the start of the activity each team is given a word with the same amount of letters. Each team member goes into the foam pit, a collects a letter which will build their word, race back to the start and place the letter down. Then the next team member can set off. The clock stops when the team word is complete.

Pillow Madness

Two team members straddle the pole. The rest of the team split into two section either side of the pole. They must get as many buckets of water from one side of the pole, to the measuring cylinders on the other side. The opposing team are given four bean bag for every bucket of water which they can use to make you lose your balance.

Caterpillar Shuffle

Each team slips into the caterpillar pod (a little like giant sacks glued together). Each shuffles along the course trying to keep in time with each other, collecting lettuce for lunch against the clock. Each lettuce scores points for the team.

Giant Hook A Duck

This game consist of a giant inflatable paddling pool approx. 35ft square. Floating inside are inflatable boats. Team members get into a boat and has to catch as many duck as possible with the hooking stick.

Zorb Ball Dash

Not for the faint hearted! Climb inside the air filled balls and race in and out of obstacles to the finish line.

Potato Pick Frenzy

It's that time of year and the potato crop needs to be harvested. It’s about to rain so the potatoes must be collected as soon as possible. Run down the inflatable potato patch fill a bucket and empty the contents into the storage barrel. The clock stops when all the potatoes are in the barrel, can be played using freak weather option, which includes use of snow cannon. Hilarious Fun!

Giant Push Ball Race

Another relay race. In and out of the giant pillars, over the ramps, across the ladders and back as fast as you can to hand over to the next team member. Can the second team keep the lead and win the race or will you? You'll have to wait and see.

Tunnel Run

A great game of slippery action. You and your team race to fill the fruit bowl full of fruit, the only trouble is that you have to squeeze through the inflatable tubes, but watch out the inflatable bed is covered in foam to add that slippery action.

Collect A Friend

Take 2 teams of four, two giant sacks and the race is on. The race begins with one team member in each sack. They then jump to the pick-up points to pick-up a friend / team member who gets into the same sack and so on till all four team members are in the same sack. The winnes are the first past the post.

Slippery Slope

This equipment can be used for many different gams. Get your team leader to the top of the mountain and then get the whole team over the slope to the other end to collect as many balls as possible, and get them back to base without dropping to many.

Bish Bash

Push your way through the Bish Bash but make sure you don't fall down as you could lose all sense of direction and end up where you started, losing valuable time for your team. The first one through, wins. Or the Bish Bash can be used as part of another race.

Multi Beam

Squeeze through the Multi Beam or collect bonus points and climb over ,but this game is against the clock so don’t loose to much time gaining bonus points it’s not as easy as it sounds, the choice is yours.

Water Roller

This game is played in the Hook a Duck Pool two contestant in the rollers they have to cross the pool collect a baby turtle jump out run to large turtle inflatable drop it off and run back to pool cross back over pool and back to tag next two team members.

Human Demolition

This impressive inflatable requires balance and skill, each team member stands on an inflatable podium and pushes a demolition ball towards their opposing team member to knock them off their podium. The last team member standing wins the game.

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Health & Safety

Safety is of paramount importance in any Corporate Event or Team Building Activity, however, as with all activities, accidents can happen. To comply with H.S.E. regulations, Bouncy Bounce ensure that they have a First Aider within their team for each event. For It’s a Knock-Out Events with 100+ contestants then we advise that either company First Aiders or St John’s Ambulance are present depending on the numbers taking part. Each of our games has it own Risk Assessment and Operation Procedure which will be in operation at all times.

Teams Info

We recommend a minimum of 4 teams and a maximum of ten teams. Each team will be given a colour and a special event day T-Shirt that identifies their team. Adults should be of reasonable fitness and be warned that they will get wet so to bring a change of clothes.

Event Requirements

If you require Water Games, we would need access ideally to approx.5000 litres of water to fill our giant inflatable pool and to use throughout the event. We usually get excess via the fire brigade or via Hose pipe. Water is only one option as we can also provide a giant foam cannon to use in place of water. Alternatively the majority of the games can be operated dry, apart from the Giant Hook a Duck.

It's A Knockout Event Pricing

We can provide a quality It’s a Knock-Out team Building event to suit any budget, large or small. Just contact us with the available budget and number of Team Members and we will tell you what we can achieve.

The Venue

Access to the venue should be suitable for large vehicles if possible, but this is not essential, The arena area required is a minimum of 55m x 37m, If you are unsure we will do a site visit prior to booking . The area should be level grassed area with a safe playing surface. We can operate indoor events if required usually in a large Sports Hall type venue. The venue area must be for our sole use. If you have trouble finding a venue, we can help with a free of charge venue search We can also provide conference facilities, buffet lunch or refreshments if required. Once a venue is established our team would benefit from a site visit, although this not always necessary if we have operated the venue previously.
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