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Casino Games Hire

Fun casino games for hire
Casino Tables galore, we have a large selection of Casino Tables and Props to recreate a professionally run Las Vegas Casino at a price thatss right. Casino Tables are accompanied by smart qualified Croupiers and Company Representatives.

See our Fun Casino Night page for the complete casino package instead of standalone hire. Or see our Las Vegas Night page for a themed casino evening to really wow your guests.
Professional team building UK
Roulette Table for hire

Roulette Tables

Place your bets and keep you eyes on the impressive polished wood Roulette Wheel, because you could be a winner. Highly addictive and very enjoyable as the most you can lose is the prize at the end of the night.

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Blackjack Table for hire

Blackjack Tables

Just about everyone can take part in a game of Blackjack or 21 but watch the Croupier he knows this game better than anyone. He will deal the cards fast, which will give you little time to consider your hand.

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grab a grand machine for hire

Grab A Grand Machine

The Grab A Grand Machine, a single player stands in a large Perspex box. A wind machine blows the cash. The player has to grab as much as possible against the clock. The winner is the person with the most cash.

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