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Inflatables for Hire

Inflatable games hire
Bouncy Bounce have some of the most up to date inflatables around. From adult battle games to children's novelty bouncers, you can be confident that you will always receive quality, clean and safe inflatables.
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Demolition Zone inflatable game

Demoliton Zone

One of the few Battle Games that can be used by four players at a time.  The idea is simple. One player stands on the inflatable pillars. The other player pushes the giant demolition ball and tries to knock the other player off their pillar. The last one standing, WINS!!!

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Inflatable Games Arena for hire

Inflatable Games Arena

Fantastic for Team Building Events. great for events with limited space and budget as you can play up to fives games within the Games Arena, including Bungee Football, Gladiators, Sumo Wrestling, Volleyball and Bungee Run.

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Bug Bouncer inflatable bouncy castle

Bug Bouncer

This attractive bouncer measures approximately 16ft x 21 ft and is very strong. It is suitable for both children and adult to use separately. Open front with high retaining walls and a rain cover, great for small or large events.

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Inflatable Penalty Shootout game

Penalty Shootout

Giant Inflatable Shoot-Out measures approximately 12ft x 12ft with an inflatable bed. The idea is to shoot the ball through the holes in the goal to score the highest points. Fantastic for Team Building or as an addition to a Family Fun Day.

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Battle Zone inflatable fighting platform

Battle Zone

Take a large inflatable doughnut, attach it to a large inflatable bed, add two competitors with biffing poles. You now have the Battle Zone!

This game is not for the fainthearted, you need courage to stand face to face with your opponent.
Two Lane Bungee Basket Combi inflatable hire

Two Lane Bungee Basket Combi

Attached to your bungee cord run and pull, beat your opponent to the basket and score your point. Don't overdo it; your opponent may be pacing themselves to thrash you in the final stages.
Magic Dragon inflatable hire

Magic Dragon

This impressive unit will suit any children's event. The giant entrance is only the start of the adventures inside. With inflatable sticks, half circle crawls and bouncy ramps there is plenty to keep even the most energetic children entertained.

The whole inside of the unit is visible through the large netted windows, which enables easy supervision of the children.
Push Balls giant inflatable balls

Push Balls

These come in various size from 2ft in diameter to 6 ft in diameter and are generally used with our It’s a Knock-Out or Sports Day Package, however they can be used for promotions etc. We can dry hire these items but we must delivery and inflate them.
Happyface Bouncer party bouncy castle

Happyface Bouncer

This inflatable has a huge bouncing area, with a high roof so is ideal for older children. This is a completely netted design and comes complete with rain cover.
Novelty Bouncer children's bouncy castle

Novelty Bouncer

Bouncy Bounce own Novelty Bouncers of all sizes. We have Dome Bouncers, Castles with Slide, Mini Obstacles, Netted Themed Bouncers all of very high quality and are well maintained. This ensures that your children’s bouncing experience is full of fun. Sizes start from around 5 metres plus and are suitable for children up to the age 10 Years depending on their size.
Giant Nemo inflatable Slide

Giant Nemo Slide

This impressive slide is fantastic and makes a huge impression at any Family Fun Day Event. It is suitable for children from the age of 5 to around 12 years, although some children in this age range may find the climb to the top of the slide challenging. This item comes fully supervised and ideally you will require an area of 25ft square. It is approx. 14ft to the platform with a steep slide down to the landing area.

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Bounce 'n' Box inflatable boxing ring

Bounce 'n' Box

An Inflatable Boxing Ring with two pairs of huge padded gloves. Get the gloves and headgear on and you are ready to Bounce 'n' Box till you drop. Two boxers try to hit each other whilst keeping their balance - it's a Knockout. Three knock downs, falls or collapsing in hysterics decides the winner.

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Giant Inflatable Twister hire

Giant Inflatable Twister

Take a step back to your youth by playing our Giant Twister game. Join in with up to 12 other players in a battle to survive being twisted and contorted into every imaginable position. The rules are the simple - the MC calls a colour spot on which each player must place the designated hand or foot. Sounds simple? Not so, players can't share spots and no elbows or knees are permitted. Also, on moving a hand or foot to a new spot the remaining three limbs must remain in constant contact with their spots. Last player standing wins These simple rules coupled with the large number of players involved and the "bouncy" board all add up to an hilarious game that's fun for players and spectators alike.

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Pillowbash inflatable fighting arena


Suitable for indoor and outdoor events. Climb on to the pole and keep steady whilst trying to knock your opponent off with giant pillows. Not as simple as it sounds but is is fantastic fun and great to watch.

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Catapillar Bouncer, bouncy castle

Catapillar Bouncer

Info coming soon.

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