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Specialist Attractions for Hire

Specialist Games Hire
This section has been set aside to cover the latest new equipment and items that are versatile enough to be used at many different events.
Professional team building UK
Zorb Ball Hire

Zorb Ball

The Zorb Ball measures approx.3.2m and is suitable for adults only It can be used either on a giant race sheet or as a walking on water Zorb in our 11m x 11m inflatable pool. This is a fantastic Team Building Activity and can be used to create many different It’s a Knock-Out Games. It is also great fun to watch. This piece of equipment is versatile enough to be used at many different events.
Hamster Wheel Hire

Hamster Wheel

The Hamster Wheels are mainly used with our It’s a Knock-Out Packages but can also be incorporated within a Multi-Activity Team Building Package, this is a great giggle for both participants and spectators alike, not as easy as it looks especially when you need to turn round.

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Childrens Paddleos for hire

Childrens Paddleos

These fantastic little boats are great for children up to the age of approx 12 years they are easily operated by children as young as 3 years of age. The boats come complete with a 11m x 11m pool and barrier. Great for Family Fun Days, Village fetes and fundraising events. Also available at the end of July - Adult Paddlelos.

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Bungee Trampoline hire

Bungee Trampoline

Our Bungee Trampolines come complete with 4 Trampoline Bungees. These trampolines provide fantastic fun for both children and adults. It is one of only pieces of equipment that can be use by both children and adults at the same time. Qualified instructors help you to get the best out of your Bungee Trampoline experience. It is a great addition to any Family Fun Day or Corporate Event.
Archery Challenge

Archery Challenge

Our Archery activities are operated by fully qualified county coaches so when it comes to hitting the target you'll be sure to achieve it even without previous experience. Our Archery activities are available at our venue in Cambridgeshire or at your venue nationally indoors, with our netting to protect your walls, or outdoors.

Our Archery activities are available for:
  • All ages from 7 years with no top age limit
  • Corporate events
  • Parties
  • Family Fun Days
  • Demonstrations with various wooden long bows, crossbows, recurves, mongols, native american and compounds with wood, metal, flint and composite arrows
  • 3d Targets Shooting at three dimensional figures of traditional game. This is best for wooded areas and small groups

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Gunge Tank hire

Gunge Tank

Fully automatic perspex Gunge Tank, complete with plenty of gunge in whatever colour you want. Make the perfect splat show and get your own back on a colleague or archrival. Great fun in clubs, bars, TV Shows, promotions and fund raising events.
Roundabouts for hire


We can provide various Roundabouts ie. Swing Rides, Cup & Saucers, Mini Waltzer, all fully supervised, great for School Galas, Family Fun Days and operated suitable for children from around 2 Years to approx 7 Years. All Equipment is well maintained and fully operational.
mobile play trailer hire

Play Trailer

Everything you could want to entertain younger children. The Play Trailer is suitable for children from aged 1 to approx.8 years. The younger tots can play in the specially designed soft play area at the front of the trailer, whilst the older children play in safety in the trailer with Bish Bash, slides, ramps and much more.
Sumo suits for hire

The Ultimate Sumo

The inflatable sumo wrestling comes with two costumes, padded mat, and protective headgear. The ringmaster inflates the costumes and then the battle of the bulge commences. The ringmaster ensures a good clean fight.
kangaroo boxing arena hire

Kangaroo Boxing

We have all seen Sumo Wrestling now we have Kangaroo Boxing. Participants don the large padded kangaroo suits, wide brimmed Aussie hats, boxing gloves and big feet, then they are ready to box. The aim of the game is to simple knock each other over or out of the ring. Do this and the match is yours.
Human table football hire

Human Fuzeball

Five a side Human Football with in a giant inflatable pitch with ropes and harnesses for each player. The ball is placed in the middle of the pitch and the game begins, with the referee watching closely for any fouls and ready with the yellow card and a whistle.
Saloon Bar Shoot-Out

Saloon Bar Shoot-Out

Interactive Saloon Bar Shoot-Out with swinging saloon door, western themed sound effects. Shoot against the clock and beat the cowboy. Extremely addictive this stand-alone unit requires very little space, can be supplied on its own or with a Rodeo Bull for a Western Themed Night.
Merry Go Round hire

Merry Go Round


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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon

Laser Clay Pigeon, Simulated Clay Shooting, Laser Clay Shooting is played with authentic but deactivated 12-bore shotguns, each system having 5 Lasersport guns and a control module/digital scoreboard. Incorporated in the guns is a dedicated microchip which controls the infrared beam fired by the guns. Each gun has an individual radio transmitter which sends information to the control module, which reproduces the realistic 'bang' and works out the scores and displays them on its large integral scoreboard.

Laser Clay Pigeon is a fantastic way to include all ages and can get extremely competitive. It is an ideal way for participants to work as a team and compliments a host of entertainments including corporate events, private parties, weddings, team building events and much more!

Laser Clay Pigeon can be played indoors or out of doors, during the daytime or at night. For use out of doors a minimum area 30M x 1OM is required to enable the clay to fly and land. A typical outdoor layout is shown on the front of the brochure. Indoors,a minimum area of SM x SM is required.

Lasersport clays are supplied in 3 fluorescent colours for daytime shooting, and luminous clays are supplied for night use.

Automatic Clay Launcher:

The lasersport launcher holds up to 65 clays and has a built-in unit which charges the luminous clays. It can be adjusted to fire clays at different heights and angles, and a clay is automatically launched each time a game is started. This means that the lasersport system can be operated by one person.

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